The Failures of Kevin Hern

Kevin Hern's exit from Congress is long overdue. Once upon a time ago, Hern told us he believed House Members should serve no more than three (3) terms. It was all a lie - he's now running for a 4th term! That level of duplicity and disrespect for the electorate is simply breathtaking.

Mark looks to be an antidote to Hern’s dishonesty, do-nothing globalist collusion, and allegiance to the Washington Establishment.

In his years in Congress, Hern has proven to be the typical hyper-partisan legislator, fueling the political dysfunction that is quickly leading our Republic to ruin. He devotes the lion’s share of his energy trying to strengthen his party -- leading the Republican Study Committee -- rather than working for his politically diverse constituency back here in Oklahoma.

He’s also a smug member of the Uni-Party Elite. He's pledged allegiance to his Establishment donors like Big Pharma, Insurance Giants, Global Financiers, and the Military-Industrial Complex. Hern ultimately serves national and global Elites who exploit poor and working-class Americans by pitting them against workers in developing nations around the world. In other words, Hern has completely failed to represent Oklahoma values in Congress.

Hern also has a fundamental misunderstanding of economics. He bought a few McDonald's franchises in Oklahoma, and now fancies himself a “job creator”. He’s no such thing – the non-living wage jobs in those restaurants exist regardless of ownership changes! Okies will eat their fair share of burgers no matter who’s slinging them!

Kevin Hern sitting in a booth at McDonalds. Smiling while surrounded by food containers, he is giving a thumbs up

If Hern had empathy for the less privileged, he’d have paid his Oklahoma workers a living wage. Instead, he took his McDollars and bought himself a seat in Congress, and, along the way, managed to feather his nest quite well.

A native Arkansan, he’s now become a true Oklahoma Oligarch – one of the 20 richest Members of Congress! And the energies of this “carpetbagger” are more dedicated to serving the national Republican Party than representing the unique values and needs of all residents of Green Country. That’s not surprising since he’s not from around here, and has no appreciation for what makes real Okies tick.

What is perhaps most disappointing about Hern's tenure is his lack of urgency over the perils facing our Republic and the challenges confronting working Americans. It seems he's more interested in party building than doing the hard work of lawmaking. It's as if he doesn't recognize "what time it is" - that we do not have the luxury of waiting any longer to act for the people.

Well, Hern’s three terms of serving the Elites, while ignoring the basic needs of regular Oklahomans, is three terms too many. It's now time for Okies, across the political spectrum, to work together to send him back to private life.