Mark D.G. Sanders

Independent. Populist. Okie.

Republican and Democrat Establishments Have Left Common Folks Behind.

Mark David Garcia Sanders

NOW is the time for an Independent Congressperson who understands how government actors and global elites conspire to make life harder for regular Americans.

NOW is the time for an unaffiliated representative sensitized by life experience to the challenges facing Oklahomans across the political spectrum.

NOW is the time to send an Oklahoman to D.C. who’s committed to advancing creative solutions to real problems - not engaging in unproductive partisan bickering.

Mark David Garcia Sanders
is that person – he’s a true Independent who's our best hope to free
Oklahoma’s First District from Party control
and return it to the People!

With a lifetime of academic, legal and policy experience, a knack for innovation and bridge-building, and a reservoir of empathy for the struggles and values of ordinary Green Country residents, Mark has a background and skill-set that are uniquely tailored to serve Oklahoma at this moment in history. Mark is:

Mark’s faith-inspired agenda is oriented to the struggles of poor and working-class Americans. He seeks a revival of our economy and culture by focusing on these broad objectives:

  1. Regenerating a diverse and autonomous U.S. economy by reclaiming our industrial base from the ravages of globalization. Read more.
  2. Reversing globalization’s windfalls by addressing the growing disparities of wealth and income between global economic Elites and the rest of us. Read more.
  3. Promoting working class solidarity by de-emphasizing divisive issues of identity, and looking instead for neutral policy solutions that can unite and inspire working Americans of all races, creeds and orientations. Read more.
  4. Balancing the need for energy independence with the threat of climate change by pursuing an “all of the above” energy policy and demanding reciprocal carbon regulation from all our global economic rivals. Read more.
  5. Pursuing an enlightened foreign policy that emphasizes humanitarian aid and defense of our own borders, while utilizing American economic and military power to end, rather than perpetuate, international conflicts. Read more.
  6. Reclaiming shared values and mending the mental health of our youth by acknowledging, and reigning in, the corrosive effects of social media and other negative aspects of digital culture. Read more.
  7. Reinvigorating our democracy by reforming, and creating national uniformity in, election laws for federal campaigns. Read more.